Terms and Conditions

Service Agreement


  1. General terms and conditions

1.1.          The Rules for using services at Sportshouse Sports Club (hereafter – Sports Club) determine the order of services of the Sports Club, the obligatory safety, hygiene and other requirements of the Customers (as defined below), the rights, duties and obligations of the Sports Club and its Customer. The rules are available on the website www.sportshouse.lt and are inseparable from the Service Agreement. The Sports Club Administration has the right to update The Rules without prior notice.

1.2.          “Services” are services provided by the Sports Club, which include gym services, water and sauna area services.

1.3.          Sports Club Customer (or “Customer”) is a person who has acquired membership of a fixed period, a one-time membership or free trial of the Sports Club services, as well as a person who has not purchased a membership or one-time ticket, but has purchased paid services from a specialist.

1.4.          Membership is a right acquired by a person for a fixed period, no more than 1 (one) time per day to attend the Sports Club and to use the services of the Sports Club, depending on the type of membership acquired, which is published on the website www.sportshouse.lt. The Customer cannot arrive before the time specified in the subscription and must sign up at no later than the time specified in the subscription.

1.5.          One-time membership is a right acquired by a person once to visit the Sports Club and to use the services of the Sports Club depending on the type of services purchased.

1.6.          Personalized Membership Card (hereafter – “Membership Card”) is a personal card issued by the Sports Club for a one-time fee (EUR 5), with help Sports Club’s employees to identify the Customer, while the Customer obtains the ability to use appropriate Sports Club services.

  1. Right to use Sports Club services

2.1.          Individuals have the right to use the services of the Sport Club in accordance with the procedure established by the Sport Club after having acquired a permanent membership or having acquired a one-time membership and familiar with the Rules (Annex 1 to the Service Agreement), i.e signing up in the journal to confirm the acquaintance with the rules of the Sportshouse Sports Club. For underage Customers under 16 years their parents (guardians) sign, from the age of 16 – both parents (guardians) ant underage Customers sign.

2.2.          Being in the gym or doing sports in this area for Customers under the age of 16 without parents or guardians is prohibited. Customers aged 16-18 can only exercise in a gym at the written request / consent of one of the parents (guardians) (Appendix No. 2 to the Service Agreement), a note about the state of health and preparation for fitness in the gym.

  1. Sports Club membership fees and additional services, purchase order

3.1.          Sports Club membership, Sports Club fees for additional services and other Sports Club fees that are posted on the Sports Club’s website www.sportshouse.lt are set by the Sports Club.

3.2.          Customers must submit their personal identification document with a photo confirming the Customer’s identity to acquire membership or one-time (immediate) membership for the relevant employees of the Sport Club.

3.3.          Sports Club employees have the right, with the consent of the Customer, to take a picture of the Customer and use the Customer’s image for customer identification. By signing the Agreement, the Customer gives his consent to use his image in the Sports Club database.

3.4.          Customers wishing to use  students, seniors or people with disabilities discount are required to submit supporting documents for the purchase of membership.

3.5.          Customer‘s, who have acquired permanent membership, children from the age of 4 to 14 years old are allowed to participate in free workouts / games for children after providind relevant child’s personal identification document (birth certificate or other document certifying the child’s age).

  1. Sports club has the right:

4.1.          to change the working hours of the sports club;

4.2.          to do not provide club services for up to 48 hours during preventive work;

4.3.          to determine other terms and conditions of validity of the individual membership or one-time visit tickets distributed during the sales of the Sports Club (exceptions to these Rules) that are binding on Customers who have acquired such shareholdings. The exclusive terms and conditions for the distribution of such Sports Club shares are announced in the respective promotional terms and at the Sports Club’s website www.sportshouse.lt;

4.4.          to make schedules for group workouts and change them at its own discretion;

4.5.          in case of reasonable doubt about the health status of the Customer, to ask the Customer to discontinue the workout and consult the doctor and provide a medical statement about his or her state of health;

4.6.          to request the Customer who violated these Rules to stop using the services of the Sport Club and leave the premises of the Sports Club. Customer’s money is not refunded.

  1. The Sports Club undertakes:

5.1.          in compliance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Lithuania and these Rules to provide services to the Customers in the Sports Club;

5.2.          in advance, but not later than 3 (three) calendar days, to inform the Customer about changes in the working hours of the Sport Club by hanging relevant announcements and providing relevant information on the website www.sportshouse.lt;

5.3.          to inform the Customers in advance about the changes of the schedules, by hanging the relevant announcements in a prominent place and by submitting relevant information on the website www.sportshouse.lt;

5.4.          to provide services for the whole period of membership, except for cases where the Sport Club is closed, for reasons not related to the Customer, including, but not limited to, the consequences of disasters, planned repairs, sanitary hygiene, etc. and therefore can not use the services;

5.5.          suspend and extend the validity of the Customer’s card for the period when the Sports Club was closed due to the reasons listed in this section, except for public holidays and preventive testing in the Sports Club; suspend or extend the validity of the Customer ‘s membership card if the Customer‘s submits the relevant documents specified in the Agreement.

  1. Sports Club Responsibility

6.1.          The Sport Club does not reimburse the Customer for the health and life of the Customer for the material and non-material damage caused by the services provided by him, except in cases where this damage was caused by the fault of the Sports Club.

6.2.          The Sports Club has no obligation to compensate for the inconvenience of the Customer if the training specified in the schedule is being led by another instructor or the workout did not take place due to the instructor’s disease, the number of unappointed people or the like.

6.3.          If the Customer terminates membership not due to the fault of the Sports Club, the fee for the remaining membership period will not be refunded to him.

  1. The Customer undertakes:

7.1.          to observe the Rules in the Sport Club (Appendix No. 1);

7.2.          do not prevent other Customer from using the Services of the Sport Club, and if they notice the risk of other Customers’ mistreatment or behavior being inappropriate for the safety or health of other Customers, inform the Sports Club’s responsible employee;

7.3.          in the event of an accident, immediately inform the Sports Club staff about the deterioration or injury of their own or other Customer’ health as a result of the use of the Sports Club services. Customers that are able to help Customers must make every effort to provide such assistance, and witnesses of the event must provide all the necessary information to the service staff and doctors or law enforcement agencies;

7.4.          leave the sports club’s premises not later than in the terms and conditions of the membership of the Customer, which are published on the Sports Club’s website www.sportshouse.lt, but not later than the end of the work of the Sport Club.

7.5.          to indemnify the Sporting Club for direct losses if, unilaterally and not due to the Sport Club, the membership is terminated before membership expires, or the membership of the Sports Club is terminated due to the Customer’s fault.

  1. Customer Liability

8.1.          The Customer must, before choosing the specific services of the Sport Club, take into account his state of health and the potential impact of such services on him, i.e. The Customer must make sure that his state of health allows him to visit the Sports Club and use the services provided by him.

8.2.          Customers, using the tools and services in the Sports Club, independently choose their physical activity according to their individual needs, personal qualities and influence on the body.

8.3.          The Customer must indemnify the Sporting Club for material damage that the Sport Club has suffered due to the Customer‘s fault or the fault of the minors who arrived with the Customer, according to the Loss Assessment Act submitted by the Sport Club. The Customer is required to compensate the damage to the Sports Club no later than within 3 (three) calendar days from the date of submission of the damage assessment act to the Customer responsible for the damage, except in cases where another term of indemnification has been set in agreement with the Customer’s agreement with the Customer.

  1. Membership Card Procedure

9.1.          The membership card can be suspended and then restored in the following cases:

9.1.1.      For Customers who have purchased an annual subscription, its validity can be suspended for 30 days, 6-11 months. – 14th, 3-6th month – 7 d

9.1.2.      In case of illness, only upon notification of the Customer on the day when the official doctor registers incapacity for work. In this case, the membership is further extended, respectively, only for the duration of the certificate of incapacity for work and / or for the period specified in the doctor’s certificate;

9.2.          Personal membership cards can not be transferred (donated, sold, changed, etc.) to other persons without the prior consent of the Sports Club. A Customer who wishes to transfer personal membership to another person must submit to the Sports Club an appropriate application, indicating the name of the individual to whom the membership is transferred.

9.3.          A Customer wishing to change the type of membership acquired must submit a written request for membership to be changed at the Sports Club’s reception. If a cheaper membership is converted into a more expensive one, the Customer must pay the difference in the membership price on the basis of the prices in the Sport Club on the day of the membership exchange day. If the change of the more expensive membership is cheaper, the membership price difference is not returned to the Customer.

9.4.          Visit time at the Sports Club lasts 3 hours for 15 minutes. The delay is 1.5 Eur charge. Only 1 (one) visit per day is possible with any subscription.

  1. Other provisions

10.1.       By subscribing to the Rules or the Customer, familiarized with the rules of the Sportshouse Sports Club in the journal, the Customer or the parents / guardians of the minor Customers confirm their signature that they have become acquainted with the Rules and agree to comply with them and assume responsibility for the consequences of non-compliance with the conditions and obligations stipulated in the Rules and the consequences caused by this non-compliance;

10.2.       Customer agrres that his telephone number and e-mail address of the Sport Club as a personal data processor will be used for direct marketing purposes (for sending news, newsletters, bulletins, etc.).

Attachement No. 1. Rules


UAB „Sporto birža“, company code 304033680, VAT code: LT100010409017

Bank account: LT 63704406008003792


The Sportshouse Sports Club (hereafter – Sports Club) Rules (hereafter – Rules) shall apply to all persons who use the services of the Sports Club (hereafter – Customer) and have acquired a fixed membership or have concluded a service contract with the Sports Club. Customers must sign and comply with the Rules. Non-familiarity with the Regulations, does not release the Customer from complying with the provisions of the Rules. The rules are published on the Sports Club’s website www.sportshouse.lt and are binding on all Customers.

  1. General Sports Club Rules

1.1.          In the Sports Club, the Customer participates in all workouts and uses the equipment in the Sports Club under his own responsibility.

1.2.          The Customer assumes all responsibility for his or her health disorders, as a result of injuries arising from deliberate or careless Customer actions or accidents in the Sports Club or in its territory.

1.3.          The Sport Club reserves the right not to allow Customer to enter the Sports Club in 30 minutes until the end of the Sport Club work.

1.4.          The Customer must sign up before the end of the subscription.

1.5.          The Sports Club has the right to disallow drunk people to enter the Sports Club.

1.6.          The Sport Club is not liable for the Customer’s personal items left in the changing rooms, training rooms or bathrooms.

1.7.          Each Customer is required to bring a towel in the gym or rent it at the reception desk and sport indoor footwear.

1.8.          When leaving, the Customer must leave the unlocked changing cabinet and leave the key at the reception. For non-returned items an additional charge is applied: for a key – 5 Eur, for a non-returned or damaged towel – 17 Eur, for a card – 5 Eur.

1.9.          The Customer must deliver the key to the reception at the latest at 10 minutes after subscription time. There is a fee 1.45 Eur for each delayed 10 min.

1.9.1    In order to do sports outside of your current subscription, the Customer will pay a one-time fee of EUR 3.5.

1.10.       Prohibited in the Sports Club:

1.10.1.    smoking, drinking alcohol or other stuffy substances;

1.10.2.    to bring into the Sports Club’s premises and to consume food;

1.10.3.    wearing a dirty, disordered outfit and shoes or shoes that are not fit for sport (eg: soccer shoes, slippers) and barefoot;

1.10.4.    doing personal hygiene treatments in the changing rooms and showers.

  1. Rules for safe conduct in the Sports Club gym

2.1.          Before using the equipment, you need to get acquainted with the rules of use / instruction given by the gym in the premises of the Sport Club, and consult with the trainer in the gym about the use of the stimulator and the correct performance of the exercise.

2.2.          Before practicing on a simulator, a towel must be laid on it.

2.3.          After the end of the excercise, it is necessary to leave the stimulator in order, to arrange the workout place, so that it is suitable for use by other Customers, weights should be placed in the places they are assigned to.

2.4.          Prohibited in the gym area:

2.4.1.      use of temporarily defective simulators or other fitness equipment;

2.4.2.      exercise and use gym equipment under the age of 14. Children from 16 years of age can exercise in the gym only with the written consent of parents / guardians (appendix No. 2), medical certificate from a medical institution about the state of health and fitness capacity.

  1. Rules for safe conduct in the Sports Club group workout place

3.1.          Individuals from 10 years of age, can take part in the group workouts, except children’s classes.

3.2.          It is recommended that Customers do not delay the classroom activities. Group training instructors have the right not to let in the delayed Customer.

3.3.          Group lessons, except for workouts in small groups, take place if at least 3 Customers participate in the workout.

3.4.          It is forbidden for the Customers, in the absence of an instructor, to attend group sessions, use their equipment, play music.

  1. Safe rules of conduct and prohibitions in the sauna

4.1.          Before and after visiting the sauna area, the Customer must take a shower.

4.2.          In the sauna area, Customers must wear only a swimwear designed for that purpose, slippers should be worn with a non-slip sole. Also, Customers must go to the bathhouse with a towel, and leave the footwear at the door.

4.3.          In the sauna, customers have to use a towel.

4.4.          Due to the length of use of the sauna, it is recommended that Customers consult their doctor. Children under 9 years of age are not recommended to be in the sauna.

4.5.          Parents are fully responsible for the health and safety of their juvenile children in the sauna area.

4.6.          Prohibited in the sauna area:

4.6.1.      be drunk;

4.6.2.      wear footwear and clothing that was used in other areas;

4.6.3.      push, noise or otherwise interfere with the use of saunas for other Customers;

4.6.4.      carelessly behave and otherwise, in their actions, jeopardize themselves and others;

4.6.5.      disobey the instructions of the responsible Sports Center staff;

4.6.6.      to bring soft drinks in a glass bottle;

4.6.7.      to bring any dishes and bags with liquids, salts or other means into the sauna room;

4.6.8.      to pour liquid on sauna heating elements;

4.6.9.      to move, or to touch the elements of heating the sauna in any other way, to act carelessly;

4.6.10.    sit not on the towel;

4.6.11.    It’s strictly forbidden for minors to take sauna without parental care (adults).

  1. Final Provisions

1.1.          The Customer who does not comply with the requirements of these Sport Club rules of safe conduct, may be removed from the premises of the Sport Club and / or with this Customer may terminate the Sport Club service contract without prior notice from the moment of the violation. In this case, the part of the payment paid to the Customer for membership is proportional to the time remaining until the expiry of the membership card, after deducting the direct, reasonable losses incurred by the Sport Club due to non-compliance with the Rules.

1.2.          The Parents / Guardians of Juvenile Customer, signing the Rules or the Customer, will familiarize themselves with the rules of the SportsHouse Sports Club in a journal confirming the fact that:

1.2.1.      the health status of a juvenile Customer allows him to use the services of the Sports Club;

1.2.2.      the minor Customer fully understands and adheres to the Rules;

1.2.3.      the damage made by the minor Customer to the Sport Club and third parties will be compensated in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;

1.2.4.      responsible for his or her attitude to the Sport Club and any damage to his health;

1.2.5.      agrees that a minor Customer is photographed for his identification and agrees that the image of the underage Customer is stored in the Sport Club’s Customer Database.

1.3.          Sports Club reserves the right to unilaterally change rates by providing information on the Sports Club’s website www.sportshouse.lt